December 10th, 2011

NF-Baby w Mic

Podfic Collab :P

I had my first exam this morning! 8am on a Saturday morning, awesome. *sarcasm* And now I'm in the lab procrastinating on working on late labs. /o\

But enough about school! I want to talk about podfic, because apparently that's all I do anymore.

So, it's getting close to Christmas and my family has started to bug me about what I want. I'm not an easy person to buy for because there's not a lot that I want and when I do want something I generally just buy it myself. Really, what I want most for Christmas is podfic and it's not like I can ask my family for that.

But then I thought, why not? My dad used to read to me a lot when I was a kid and he's good at it. I would just have to find an appropriate (read: gen) fic and I could ask him to podfic it for me! When I mentioned this on twitter I got equal amounts of revulsion as my friends imagined their family reading them podfic and impressed kudos that I'm just that dedicated to podfic. :P

Last weekend when my mom bugged me again about what I wanted, I broached the subject with her. She kinda laughed at me but it sounded like she thought it was a good idea. Then on Thursday (after a panicked series of phone calls trying to ascertain my family members who attend Virginia Tech were ok) she asked me what Dad had said when I asked him to podfic for me.

I was kinda hoping she'd handle that side of things. :S And when I mentioned it, she said, no, I'd have to ask him myself. She then called Dad over to put him on the phone but I told her no because it's something I'd rather do in person.

I guess she mentioned it to him anyway though, because when I mentioned it to my dad yesterday he was all, "yeah sure." \o/ \o/ \o/

But then he asked me if it was my story, and how long it was through the ensuing conversation it became really clear he had no idea what he'd agreed to. When I said my mom mentioned the idea to him, I think it really was just a mention. Like, "Hey, Lindsay wants you to read her a story" which my dad misheard as "Lindsay wants you to read her story" which he interpreted as "Lindsay wants you to proofread a story she wrote."

Yeah, not quite.

When I properly explained what it was I wanted him to do he was a lot more hesitant so it may or may not happen. I think I might have to choose a different fic than the one I currently have in mind. I had wanted a Terminator gen fic (which I think my dad would actually enjoy reading) but it's almost 61K. Although the story is told from 3 POVs, so maybe if I break it down and only give him one POV and take the others it won't be as bad (she doesn't know this yet, but I want to ask [personal profile] nickelmountain if she'd be willing to take on one of the POVs if this happens, that way there can be a different voice for each POV). But I really really want this to happen. XD