October 11th, 2011

NF-Baby w Mic

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What is my life that I go 3 days without checking my email and I come back to, literally, hundreds of new emails (there were over 100 new threads, but some of those threads have 20-60 emails each I'm sure the total of new messages was somewhere between 300-400).

I can't even. Clearly this is why I suck so bad at actually responding to things, there's just too much volume to keep up with. :S I haven't even looked at Twitter....

In other news I had a nice Thanksgiving and [personal profile] diurnal_lee's family sent her home with turkey so I'm going to have yummy left overs! (I say I, but I mean [profile] kronos999 is a vegetarian, so will not be eating the leftovers herself).

ETA: *headdesk* so hard. I just accidentally posted this to [community profile] multipodicity instead of my personal journal. God, clearly I need more sleep or something.