June 14th, 2011

NF-Baby w Mic

Podfic: AI8 RPF-A Need so Fundamental by minxie

Title: A Need So Fundamental by [archiveofourown.org profile] minxie
Reader: [personal profile] paraka
Fandom: AI8 RPF
Pairing: Adam/Tommy
Length: 1:33:55
Links: MP3 ||| M4B

Summary: "It could be so much fucking more." The words are slow and lazy, a direct correlation to the time spent in the air and the amount of liquor Adam consumes when he feels trapped and forced into stillness. "You don't know half of what it could be."

Reader's Notes: This podfic was made for qafhappy, who donated to Adam's Charity: Water birthday campaign.

I'd like to thank [personal profile] via_ostiense who helped me edit parts of this podfic.

I'm also using this as my "Kinky" square for [community profile] podfic_bingo.
NF-Baby w Mic

Update on My Projects

So, back in January, I made a post with my podficcing plans for the year.

I... haven’t exactly kept to that schedule very well, but I thought that since we’re now about halfway through the year, that I’d update my plans and list what I’ve done.

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Based on my original schedule I was planning on podficcing 13 podfics this year for a total of ~20 hours. According to the schedule, by tomorrow, I was supposed to have podficced 9 podfics at ~12 hours. In reality I’ve podficced 12 podfics for a total of ~8 hours. Which... doesn’t actually look that far off from schedule, but 4 hours of podfic is a big difference. I’ve got to get my rear in gear and keep on top of this!

I actually started this post on Friday but was including a section titled "Things I Would Like To Do, But Unless I Win The Lottery I’m Unlikely To Get Done Any Time Soon (If Ever)" but it was sooooo long, like probably at around 50 fics when I gave up and deleted it because, yeah, at that point it was getting kind of pointless. Still, I would like to podfic some Cook/Archie fics, there’s a sad lack of S7 podfic. :(