January 4th, 2011

NF-Baby w Mic

Vid Recs

There are a million fannish things I should be doing right now, replying to comments being at the top of that list. But I got some news today and started distracting myself talking to [personal profile] choosetolive about vids.

Many of the people on this flist probably don't know that I'm a vidder (or, I was, it's been forever). I adore vids, even though I haven't been watching that many lately. Does AI fandom have much of a vid fandom? An LJ vid fandom? (that makes me sound like a snob, it's just, I grew up, fannishly, on LJ vidding aesthetics and haven't put the time into adapting to YouTube aesthetics yet.)

There are probably a bunch of awesome vids I'm missing but podfic has taken over my focus so I missed them. [personal profile] choosetolive doesn't really watch vids so other than Beautiful Dirty Rich and Tightrope (which I only knew about because of Vividcon) we weren't really able to come up with anything (recs are totally welcome if anyone has some).

Since we don't have many fandoms in common, I started sending her vids where you don't really have to know the source to appreciate. Then I though, Collapse )