December 30th, 2010

NF-Baby w Mic

Meta: Porny Podfic

Today is my last day of work for the year!!! 4 day long weekend coming up! :D To celebrate, how about some podfic meta/discussions?

During some of the meta discussions earlier this year we kind of skated around, but never actually discussed, the idea of podfic as a sexy hot thing. Podfic is a really intimate thing. You have someone whispering in your ear and, since this is fandom, sometimes those whispers are porny.

Part of the reason why some people are skeeved by podfic is because they find it too intimate to have someone read porn to them. Or they find podfic funny because they just can’t handle someone reading porn to them.

Other people find porn in podfic really hot. During last year’s Amplirecathon [personal profile] mific made an entire rec list of hot podfic.

So, I want to ask people, what is your opinion of porny podfic? Do you enjoy it? Does it bother you? Do you not care? Which podfics do you find sexy? Is there anyone in particular you find reads it well? If you’ve listened to my podfic, how do you think I handle it?

Or, do you have any funny stories regarding podfic and their sexy bits? I always laugh thinking about the tweet @Hllaa16 made about my podfic, Unstuck: "The time travelers wife kradam podfic just started playing at lunch with my parents and grandma at the two kris' and Adam threesome part O.o"