November 22nd, 2010

NF-Baby w Mic

Airline Suggestion: Porter Airlines

As I write this I'm waiting at the Newark Airport. I missed my flight (by about 10 minutes *shakes fist*). I factored in about half an hour of not-running-smoothly time but apparently it should have been closer to an hour.

On the plus side of this, even when I was sitting on a stopped train in Jersey, I wasn't actually stressed. I'm flying Porter Airlines for this trip, and I know that they have amazing customer service. And sure enough when I finally got to the airport it took about 10 minutes to get things straightened out and they waived the fees to get my flight changed. Only setting me back about an hour.

I've thought of Porter Airlines as the best out there for a while now but this just confirmed it. Really, if you're flying to, from or around Eastern Canada I highly, highly recommend checking Porter out. Not only do they have amazing customer service, they are also reasonably priced. While other airlines are cutting corners wherever they can, Porter actually offers more. There's free food and drinks (including wine and beer, as well as the normal offerings), their planes have lots of leg room and they have their own lounges at some airports and actually are the only commercial airline to use their Toronto airport (which is small, has free food, drinks and internet and is right in downtown Toronto - so much nicer than Pearson).

I'm generally a lazy consumer and don't bother leaving reviews for things like this but every once in a while someone will offer a product or service that is just too good not to share. So check them out.