September 16th, 2010



One of the girls in my department has chicken pox. So far we've spent most of the morning going "OMG, did she have it as a child? She did!? I didn't know you could get it twice!" *scratch scratch*

Because that's just what we need, for everyone to get the chicken pox. :S

I'm not actually that worried, but you can't help but feel itchy, just at the idea.

In other news, I completely jinxed myself yesterday while talking to a coworker. I mentioned that I haven't really been sick this year but last year around this time, I got sick and my asthma acted up. Which I soooo don't have time for this year with all the podficing I need to do.

So, last night while podficing? I started coughing. Asthma coughs. I can still feel it in my lungs :S Not impressed.