September 15th, 2010


Random Question

So, this is kind of a random question, but have any of my American flisters ever gone to Cuba? Or, non-American flisters tried to go to Cuba while living in the US?

Like, I realize you can't exactly catch a flight to Cuba from the US, but would you get in trouble at the boarder if you were honest with the boarder guard that you were leaving the country to head over to Cuba (with a non-American passport)?

This is mostly theoretical at this point, but I want to go on a tropical vacation, and Cuba's my first choice at the moment but I want [personal profile] raxhel to come with me, and she's living and working in the US right now. I figured that meant we couldn't go but some people at work seemed to think it wouldn't be a problem for her to go, since she's Canadian. Still seems risky to me though....