June 30th, 2010

AI8-A-Whataya Want From Me


Last week I had an amazingly productive podficing week. I managed to get chapter 3 of (this is) not a statement edited. I recorded and posted Four PM. I also managed to get two other podfics recorded and one partially edited.

That was last week.

I had these grand plans to finish editing at least one of the podfics I recorded last week this weekend but then totally didn't and I haven't done any editing or recording this week at all. :(

Instead I spent last night reading bad fic (OMG, it was *painful*) before finding the completely awesome You've Got Music by buffyx (now I'm totally in the mood for Kradam AUs but instead am listening to J2 AUs because I've listened to all the AI podfic a million times each).

*sigh* It was really fun being all productive last week. I really need to get back to that. AI fandom needs more podfic. Seriously.