June 15th, 2010



*sigh* Does wanting to start wank make me a bad person? I've never been afraid of confrontation before but am generally polite enough to avoid it if it's not needed. And I don't assume that confronting something will lead to wank but with fandom it often does so I try to limit what I do here. I tend to let someone else start the wank and just comment on it afterwards but lately I've been wanting to start it myself :S

I just... today has been filled with so much *flail* on so many different fronts. I think I'm getting myself too worked up. I've been on this path for weeks. I don't know how many rants I've had today, but I can count at least 10 differnt subjects (and I know some of them were repeated more than once).

I almost said that I should just go hide in a cabin in the woods for a while to get over some of this, get it out of my system but I really don't think that would work. I'm someone who needs to talk things out but I can't help but feel anything I say on the matter will invite wank and I really don't want to get wanky despite my opening sentence. Gah. Why so hard?