May 20th, 2010


Weird Podfic Experience, Vacation and Protests!

I just has the really weird experience of talking to someone on the phone for work and realizing halfway through the conversation that they sounded a lot like a podficer I sometimes listen to. I don't think they are actually the podficcer (according to the podficer's profile they live in a different country) but still, very weird, and distracting.

Also, thank you so much to everyone that responded to my question about traffic and NYC. I'm still working my way through comments that I need to respond to. At [info - personal] lilithilien's suggestion I managed to find a place that would sell me plane tickets without giving my passport, so the good news is I'm definitely flying down. The bad news is I'm flying US Airways and it's going to be about $100 more (once you include the baggage charges [and it seems so wrong that they charge for even your first bag]).

And in other random news, I went to my first protest last night. It was a protest outside a local organization's monthly meeting and when they got wind of it, they canceled the meeting out of fear for their safety. Which was kind of ridiculous since we were anything but a threatening group. I think all but 3 of us were actually members of the organization in question, mostly we wanted answers to questions the executive of the organization kept avoiding. It seemed especially ridiculous since on the drive down there, we had to pass the RBC which had been fire bombed that morning.