January 12th, 2010

HP-S-Not Paid Enough

Psychic Work

So, I've hit the time of year where I can kiss the idea of 40 hour work weeks goodbye. Yesterday I was at work until 5:30 (my hours are 8-4) so today I was determined to leave at a normal time. Only to find out there was a last minute conference call scheduled for 4. Great.

Know what else was awesome? When I called the number, instead of getting Rogers, I got a psychic hotline. In Spanish.

In non work news, I'm not sure how interested my flist is, but tomorrow is the last day to sign up for my Podfic Critical Feedback Exchange.
I've been really pleased with the turn out so far, I think it's going to be pretty cool :D

I'm planning on spending tonight setting up a spreadsheet so that hopefully it doesn't take me too long to match people up.