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October 21st, 2009

Delicious and eBay

When you're stressed because of deadlines, avoiding work is probably not the best strategy.

Anyways because I'm still thinking of doing that whole rec list idea and because I was reading that fic length is a factor for many people I spent last night and some of today retroactively going through all my Delicious links and adding word count or time tags to all of the fic and podfic.

It did get me kind of excited about the actual rec'ing though. As I was sifting through them I kept being reminded of how much I liked some of the fics.

In other news, I'm trying to buy something for my Halloween costume on eBay and I find the whole reserve idea incredible frustrating. Why would you have bidding start at $10, if you really want people to pay $400! I know that lower priced items catch people's eyes but it's really annoying.

Also, I bit on the stupid thing and it says that my current bid is $10, but I said I'd pay $100 and it's telling me the reserve hasn't been met. Does that mean that $10 doesn't meet the reserve? Or that $100 doesn't?

I found one outfit that is perfect and has a Buy Now within my price range and I *want* it. However it's currently in China, and I really doubt it'll get here in time if I do buy it. :(

Twitter Trending Topics

So, over on Twitter, RIP Kanye West is a trending topic. I figured he wasn't dead but checked it out anyways to see what people were talking about (I kind of hate Twitter for this, you can tell something is going on, but can't find out what's going on :S).

I still don't know what that phrase is a trending topic, but this RT is hilarious:

Whoever started the RIP Kanye West hoax, imma let you finish, but Balloon Boy had the best hoax of all time.

Fic Rec Post #1! (August 25-312009)

So, as promised here's my first rec post! I decided to do it retroactively, so here's for the last week of August. I did a big Merlin rec list not too long ago for [info - personal] keewick so there might be some repeats in here.

I should also note that one of my common ways of finding fics is through fic finding comms, so I kind of have lost my filter when it comes to spoiling fics. So if you don't like being spoiled for a fic, my recs might make you unhappy.

Because a lot of my fic comes in podfic form I've listed the title as a link to the fic but have added links in brackets beside with links to the podfic. I listen to everything as MP3s but I've included links to the M4B form as well for anyone interested in the podbook format.

Merlin RecsCollapse )

Stargate Atlantis RecsCollapse )

Terminator RecsCollapse )

MetaCollapse )

Oh God, this took me all night and it was just a few days worth of fic! :S

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