June 28th, 2009

NF-Country Road

This Weekend

I can't believe it's Sunday night, why is the weekend almost over?

I went to a beautiful wedding on Saturday. The bride and groom had met when they were both acting in A Midsummer Night's Dream and they actually had the wedding at the very theater the production was held at. In that original production, the groom had been playing Nick Bottom (the one that gets turned into an ass) and the bride had been playing one of Titania's fairies (Titania is the Fairy Queen).

They used a lot of theme's from the play in the wedding. They had a gazebo set up on the stage with fairy lights and gauze, and the ceremony started with the Titania (the same actress from the original production) on stage. The groom came up acting like he was still Nick and asked Titania if he could marry one of her fairies (while making jokes that he had made a bit of an ass of himself last time they had met).

They then called out the bride. The bridesmaids were playing the part of the other fairies, my sister was the maid of honour and was terrified she'd have to wear wings or something, but the dresses were actually very nice, and only the flower girls had wings. My sister had actually missed the dress rehearsal (she had to work that day and it's a 5 hour drive for her, so no way she could make it) and the groomsman she was with had just had knee surgery and she ended up running ahead of him by accident while he fought with the stage steps :P We laughed at her.

Actually there was a lot of laughter in the wedding. The groom is a bit of a goof, so it was expected, but it made the whole thing really fun. Like in the vows, along with the "to have and to holds" they each threw in one of their own. The groom's was to do his part around the house by ordering pizza, and the bride's was to love the groom, even when it means putting up with 8 foot stage props in her living room. :P

And the bride looked absolutely beautiful.

When we heard about the wedding and that it was going to be done in such a non-traditional manner, we all kind of worried, but I have to say, it was one of the nicest weddings I've even been to (well the after party could have been organized better, but the service itself was amazing). It's my habit at weddings to plan my own wedding in the tackiest way possible (in my current plans I'm going to be married by Elvis and do the macarena as my first dance), but I actually found myself thinking that I wouldn't mind having a wedding like this instead.