June 15th, 2009

SCC-C-Will Fuck You Up


So, I'll admit it, I still use Yahoo Groups. This is mostly because I'm an email junkie and like having things appear in my inbox that I don't have to respond to. I really don't know why I use the groups though, because often they annoy me.

Take a message sent to one of my SCC groups last night, saying that one of the reasons SCC was canceled was because there was no audience it really appealed to. There weren't enough hot women for guys to be interested, and of course *girls* would *never* be interested in this kind of show.

So I finally jumped posted to the group saying, "Hi, I'm a girl, and I enjoyed the show, same with the other female friends that I know watch the show." To which the guy replied saying "How could it!?" Although, to be fair, he went on to describe why it doesn't appeal to men (or, you know him, more than all men, although he was trying to make it about everyone) either.

So here's a question to the SCC and Terminator fans on my flist, what is it you liked about the show/movie.