May 30th, 2009

SPN-D-No Idea

Vidding Question

Help please from any of the vidders on my flist. What's that program where you can write a little script and have that edit your source material? I know it exists, I've had it on my computer before even. I remember that the tutorial had you write a sript that made colour bars, I just can't remember what the program was called :(
Importing my clips with audio is making *huge* rendered files and I don't have time to get rid of audio in some of the other ways (VirtualDub would take forever, I may as well re-rip them all :S)


So, I'm sick. Thursday night/Friday my asthma flared up. It doesn't flare up that often, and not normally at this time of the year. It's most likely to flare up when I'm sick, so I was kind of surprised that I was coughing without being sick this time.

Apparently my asthma symptoms just were the first to show. I now have a temperature of 101 and fell asleep at 2 this afternoon and just woke up at 5. :/

This is why you shouldn't procrastinate on your vid projects. :S