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May 26th, 2009

Quizzes and Linux

Heh, I was randomly checking out Facebook today and saw that [info]laii had done a Mac vs PC quiz. I decided to try it out to see what it had to say. I don't actually like Mac's but with the way the questions were going I kind of figured that I'd end up with a Mac result.
Instead I ended up with the surprise Linux option! Ha, apparently this quiz knew me better than I expected :P

I'm always surprised when quizzes go against their titles and pull out the right answer. There's this "which American accent do you have quiz" and it totally called me on being Canadian when I took it :P

It's kind of funny that this quiz called me on being a Linux person because just last night I was contemplating installing it on my laptop. I've done something funky to my laptop and it's not letting me vid, and I have a bunch of Linux vidding tutorials book marked...

Does anyone on my flist run Linux? [info]kronos999 will you help me figure it out if I make the switch?

PS. I spent some time last night *finally* updating my icons, now I have DW and SCC ones! But more importantly my IJ icons are now synced up with my other journals so you should be seeing more than my default one now!


So, I decided to spend some time this afternoon reading over a new tender I received. I'm on page 3 of 57 of the terms and already I'm going cross eyed.

This is so not a good sign.

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