May 17th, 2009

NF-Baby w Mic

Website Stats

So, [info] - personalbridgetmkennitt recently made a post about comment stats. I immediately started geeking out, and there may be statistical analysis in table form over there. Maybe.

Anyways, because of this conversation it had me checking out my website stats. I used to check them out really regularly, but I don't actually update the vid section all that often, and I have a bunch of other crap on my webpage that can change up the stats.

For example, the Querry Report shows the search terms people use to find my site. Paraka is, of course, the first, but it also lists terms like "spanking mckay/sheppard" and "ard captor sakura vids."

It also shows the referring sites. I'm really curious as to why generated 488 hits for my site. Or (26 hits).

Oh internetz, you're so weird.
LJ-Russia reads you


So, Dreamwidth finally gave me some invite codes. Does anyone still need one? I have 2. First come basis, but I can ask for more if more are needed.