May 11th, 2009


Ottawa Peeps

So, I'm actually going to have the car tomorrow and was wondering if any of my Ottawa friends wanted to get together for a write in? Or a vid in as my case will be.
SPN-D-No Idea

My family *waves hands*

So, before dinner I was sitting with my family. My sister was telling us one of her friends got a job crushing rocks.

Sister: Blah blah. Big rocks, little rocks. Blah, blah.

Mom: Oh! There's this city!

Me: You're just trying to change the subject from rock crushing.

Mom: No! It's related. There's this city, Ber...

Me: Berlin?

Mom: No, it's a city in the desert.

Me: *thinks of Las Vegas and similar* There are famous cities in the desert that start with "Ber"?

Mom: Yes! You know! The city in the desert that starts with B!

Dad: Dubai?

Mom: Yes! That one! They're building a huge building there!

Me: *tries to relate that to rock crushing and admits that at least there was a B in the name...*

Oh Mom.