November 23rd, 2008



I just came back from the vets. Without Tigger. Ever since we found out that she had a tumour I knew this day was going to come but I really didn't expect it to be this soon. I think I expected her to get sick before but she wasn't, she was still herself. The thing is, the tumour was on her jaw and it just got so big that it pushed her tongue out of her mouth and she was having trouble eating, and wasn't able to drink at all. When we saw that she was just face planting in the water because she couldn't drink normally we called the vet. The were actually booked solid all day, but stayed open late so they could take care of her. We fed her water with a syringe in the mean time. The Dr. we took her to was just amazing. Collapse )

Surprisingly, I think it's my mom who's taking this hardest (she hates cats but still managed to fall in love with Tigger). My little sister was really upset too. She's away at university but is coming home next weekend, she was hoping Tigger could hold out until then, but no such luck.

I'm ok, I'm sad and I'm really going to miss her but I'm ok. I may have possibly overestimated how OK I am. I really really miss her at the moment.