November 9th, 2008

V-Vidding Ho


So, I've sort of been overdosing on vids this weekend. kronos999 spent the afternoon at my house and we talked a lot of vidding and after dinner we watched some of my favourite vids. I still haven't gotten very far on the current vid I'm working on, 15 seconds! and btw, does anyone remember the specific episode this season where they used that special effect of zooming out of a room to outside and show off part of the city before zooming in on a new room? I want to use that, be damned if I can remember what episode it's from... :S

Anyways, a couple vidding things:
-Vimeo is an awesome site I saw rec'ed on a comm. It's a streaming site but the video seems to be of higher quality than YouTube and plays smoother than Imeem. I'm in love. Also, and probably my favourite part, it allows you to *download* the original uploaded version. This is so happy inducing. A good quality stream plus a good quality download free of any sort of converting. :D I'm in the process right now of uploading my own vids there, especially since one of my vids was taken down from YouTube last week.

-Vimeo doesn't have as many vids as other site, but they still have enough to go searching through, which is how I found this totally awesome SPN vid.

supernatural trailer, dean's downfall from liz on Vimeo.

-I've also obsessively been watching this Torchwood vid most of the weekend. (Here's the vidder's LJ post if you'd like to download the vid)