August 27th, 2008

NF-Me and Sara

Mid Vacation Update!

I'm still alive! I think that's an accomplishment. :P I made the very very stupid mistake of wearing bad shoes on our first day when we were walking around Old Montreal (not that walking on cobblestone is ever comfortable :S) and not even half way through the day my feed were *killing* me. The I switched over to a pair of croc flip flops (not the fugly clog ones) which were more comfortable but rubbed between the toes on one of my feet raw. :S

All in All I was really hurting those first few days. I'm mostly better now though.

Right now we're staying at a nice little bed and breakfast called "The Mini Horse B&B" called so because they have a bunch of mini horses. They're really cute we were petting them yesterday. When we first arrived there was one in the paddock next to the house just eating so we called him over and had him eat grass out of our hand. The second time I went to pet him he was already by the fence and I noticed that he was a boy horse. Whatever I just went over and pet him but as I was walking back to the car raxhel said something like "Well, he enjoyed that" and I look back and this mini horse has a *giant* erection. I totally understand the phrase hung like a horse now, because my god it was more than half the length of it's leg. It was really really weird.

Anyways, I need to go take a shower now, but I'll post more when I get back! I've kind of given up on the thought of trying to catch up on my flist. My LJ was at skip 320 last night filtered and even my IJ was at skip 60. However I have been trying to comment as I catch up, so you may be getting comments to older entries.