August 22nd, 2008

NF-Baby w Mic

Final Update...

-So, I'll be heading out tomorrow to start my vacation to New Brunswick. I'll try and take lot of pictures for those interested.

-Re: Work Drama. I know a lot of you asked for an update as to what was going on with Pregnant Girl and how the talk with the Supervisor went, but, well there isn't really much of one. They had their talk, but it wasn't serious enough. Pregnant Girl was just told to keep her desk clean, which I think was meant to say "Do your filing" but she took as "Do some dusting" :(

-Re: SGA. *sigh* I'm still really bummed about the news. Although it's interesting seeing how others react and trying to figure out the logic from TPTBs perspective.
As far as TPTB are concerned, it seems to be all about money. They want to make Stargate Universe and are using the money that had previously been going to SGA to do it. This seems like a bad idea to me because it immediately turns a lot of SGA fans off. If they were to air both for a season or two it might transfer better because a lot of SGA people would be willing to give it a try (especially if they worked it into the Friday night line up with SGA) and it wouldn't be so directly blamed when SGA is cancelled later. Doing it as they have now just pisses a lot of us off into saying "I'll never watch SGU, they cancelled my show for it! *shakes fist*"

Which, I gotta say, isn't actually my reaction. I seem to be the only one at the moment, but I'm willing to give SGU a chance. I'm not exactly sure how a team can get lost in space in a galaxy filled with Stargates, but many people have mentioned the 9th chevron is going to come into play for this show. My only concern is that the current writing staff seems to be getting kind of tired (M&M specifically). I don't know if they can really handle a new show. I think some of them have been working in the Stargate universe for too long and should really move onto something new and let someone else with fresh ideas take over.

That said though, I will join the fight to try and keep SGA going. I've already written and mailed letters off asking TPTB to reconsider. Who knows if it'll do any good, but it's worth a shot.