August 19th, 2008

SGA-Hermiod-Not Amused


You know, so many of us sit there yelling at the stupidity of the things TPTB do to try and "up the ratings" because we just don't understand how they think it could *work*. Well I think I'm beginning to understand.

On one of the yahoo groups I watch, there's this guy called John who does episode reviews. Normally I skip him because he used to rub off on me as pompous, I've been reading a few lately and that feeling it's there but I still disagree with what he's saying. He seems to feel that the little team episodes like The Daedalus Variations are a total waste of time because they don't promote the overall season arc. I just read his review for Ghost in the Machine though and this is really what set me off: Bringing back Fran as Weir’s avatar was a clever notion.  The actress is easy on the eyes, which softens the overall blow

Seriously, WTF. That obviously explains what the hell they were going for with Keller.