August 12th, 2008

NF-Baby w Mic

Work Panicking

Thanks, competitor company I shall call SM. Way to give me a fucking *heart attack*. I submitted my first competitive bids last Friday and they were special ones that had to be submitted online. Combined they are worth about $30,000, so you really don't want to fuck this up. Anyways, I submitted them and felt ok, until I got the report today. I had submitted the price per unit of measure but SM, who's bid was listed below mine, listed the price for the entire quantity requested.
The thing with these bids is, if you make a mistake, they will hold you to it so I might have just promised away about $15,000 worth of product for $55. *grabs paper bag* I had an email open and ready to send off telling them before they awarded anything of my mistake, only to look at some of the other bids and see that everyone else had put unit prices down. God, I just don't need that kind of shit. I think it made me nauseous.