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So, as some of you may have noticed, I didn't exactly keep to my "do a vid rec every day in January" idea all that well. I was finding it a bit much to do one every day, which meant that some of the recs weren't as thought out as I wanted them to be because I was rushed or tired as I was writing them. Also, January has just been busy for me. But I did enjoy doing the recs, and am thinking of continuing them, just on a less frequent basis, but I wanted to know if people on my flist were actually reading them/enjoying them. So. A poll:

Poll #1339408 Vid Recs

How did you like my vid recs?

They were fun and interesting.
I got some shiny new vids out of them.
I didn't mind them, but I didn't read them either.
To be honest, I wasn't interested and found them a little annoying.

In other news, sdwolfpup is hosting The Great Vidding Truth Meme over at her journal, where vidders can put their vids up for anonymous feedback. I put my vids up for comment here. I'd love to hear what people on my flist think.
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