April 21st, 2007

NF-Baby w Mic

SGA Love?

So, I keep thinking to myself, "Self, you need more SGA people on your flist, because people are what makes LJ cool, and in a stupid defriending mood you got rid of all the QaF people on your flist, and now are all alone". Also, "SGA is awesome, and totally fun, so SGA fans should be as well."

Thing is, as it is now, I'm really on the outskirts of the SGA fandom. I come across some awesome fics, I'm on some Yahoo groups that give me a lot of the lowdown on other matters, and don't ever have to interact. I interacted quite a bit in the QaF fandom, and I miss that sometimes. But you know, now I'm kind of afraid of trying in the SGA fandom.

I was barely touched by the whole racist thing that happened (and appears to still be happening). I mostly read the Fandom Wank stuff, and wrote my own little post (that got way more attention than I ever wanted). But sometime after that I put sga_newsletter on my flist, and have followed some of the meta.

Now obviously I'm not that into the fandom, because I keep hearing people talking about how bitchy the fandom is, how it explodes everytime someone says somethin, how people are just... not nice. SGA people on my flist, have you noticed this? Because if the fandom is really like that, I think I'll keep my current level of involvement. Or maybe the problem is reading meta. I don't actually like meta. Mostly because when I stumble across it, I feel I need to read every comment and every link, and then it's *days* later by the time *I'm* finished, and fandom is still going strong.

Also, now I'm kind of afraid of ever publicly posting what annoys me in fandom. Or what I think on the current "hot topic". Seriously. maekala, thank god for our e-mails, you let me rant :) *loves*

...Maybe I should go back to a locked journal...?