December 23rd, 2004

NF-Baby w Mic

Please Kill Me Now

My qaf_santa  project is killing me!!!! Now I was going to make them a vid, since really that's the only thing I have a talent for, but they came out with the assignments right in the middle of exams so that was a complete no-go, I had a bit of a break between exams but between studying and vidding_archive  I didn't even choose a song. I then decided I was going to write a story in the car on the NYC trip, but I really can't write that well, and when ever I would try and write something the others in the car would read over my shoulder and mock it, so again with it not getting done. So I went back to my original plan of trying to make a vid. I have about a minute of it done now, but then I realised, I forgot to bring my wireless internet home with me. My dad suggested I move my computer onto the wired hub, so I did, but I needed to unattach the other computer in order to put mine on, well that didn't work, it wanted me to install the new hard ware, even though I use it all the time at school. The only poroblem with that was I had had my dad send it down so Kristen could install it on her computer, and all the disks and passwords and such was left at school. So in defeat I decided I would try mixing with graphics, so I went to put the hub back downstairs, and now it wants to be re-installed too!!!!! Right now I'm on my dad's laptop on dial up, and he glared at me and told me if I screw this computer up too he'll kill me. Also I was skanning my flist before the internet kicked the dust, and I had something like 230 back enteries that I havn't read yet, if I have to wait 2 1/2 weeks before I can check my LJ I think I may very well die when it comes time to read it. I'm really sorry if anyone has said something I should know, I'll get to it when ever I have time.
Also a big apology to my qaf_santa  person, I know your present is going to suck, I promise to finish the vid for you it's just not going to be on the internet in time for christmas.
Also marks are going to be up tomorrow, possible in 40 minutes, and I don't think I can handle this. Also now that NYC is over, I'm back to being depressed.
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