December 14th, 2004

NF-Baby w Mic


I'm so happy, people in vidding_archive  are actually beginning to comment. I was getting a bit worried since there were pretty much 4 of us who were talking. I realise that some people are afraid to post in unfarmiliar communities *cough*me*cough* but I wasn't quite sure how to get over that. I'm not sure if it was my rant, that opinions are valuable, or the fact that I asked simpler questions that didn't have much to do with the make up of the site, but I hope people will continue to comment now that the ice has been broken a bit. Because although this stuff is important for the site, so is the other stuff about the other aspects of running the archive.
Also I've been trying to respond to everything, and really show an interest, but in retrospect I'm afraid it looks a but much, and I'm afraid it might be intimidating people, hmmmm. Oh well I'll keep it up for now, we'll see how things are going when I come back from NY.
Also I'm thinking of asking someone to co-mod the community with me. bananners  was one of the first people to actually start participating in this thing, and she's still doing a great job so I though of asking her, but it was sunryse00 's idea to start the archive in the first place, so I wouldn't mind asking her, although I'm not sure if she'll accept, since she doesn't seem to use LJ very much, but she has put quite a lot of thought into this, and has some great questions. The other person I thought to ask was audio_n_video  because s/he seems to have the more technical aspects down so might be a good idea to have as a co-mod. Not that i'm even sure what the hell a mod does. I just feel that it would be nice to have someone else worry with me about keeping the conversations going and the interest up, and all 3 of these people have helped achieve that.
I suppose what I might do in the end is just make a post asking if anyone wants to co-mod with me. Also what do I do about next week, and after. I'm going to NY and then to my grandparents house where I won't have internet access (god it's probably going to take forever and a day to get through my flist when I get back). Should I make a post telling everyone? I'm sure no one cares, but I'm not sure if the community will continue to run if I leave. I really wish this entire thing could have begun after Christmas, I've been spending time on the community that I should have spent studying for exams, and I'm going to be leaving soon. I think I might say something in the request for a co-mod post, that way I can work it into the explination for the reason for the new mod.
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