Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Supernatural Vid Rec

Title: Come Alive (third down)
Vidder: Mithbor
Song: Come Alive by The Foo Fighters
Fandom/Pairing: Supernatural
Why I Love It: I have nothing against episode tag vids. They can be awesome, there's more than one that I'm thinking of rec'ing here, but the thing is, I feel you have to give episode vids a bit of leeway. They're generally shorter songs, or won't have as much action or can some slow spots. Hey, it's hard to do a 5 minute vid with only 40 minutes of footage.
This vid? Does not need that leeway. It's a full 5 minute vid and it's so filled with action and storyline that if I didn't know better I could believe was a seasons worth of footage. I know that this episode was a really full episode, but this vid just brings out all the great bits. And the fades to black work so well with the music. I love the switching back and forth between Dean and Sam near the end of the vid too.
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