Paraka (paraka) wrote,

*makes happy dolphin noises*


lilithilien and I have made our reservations!

Wednesday March 25: I leave Ottawa after work.
Thursday March 26: I arrive in Munich
Friday March 27: Munich
Saturday March 28: Munich
Sunday March 29: Take the train to Berlin
Monday March 30: Berlin
Tuesday March 31: Berlin
Wednesday April 1: Berlin
Thursday April 2: Take the train to Copenhagen
Friday April 3: Copenhagen
Saturday April 4: Copenhagen
Sunday April 5: Fly back to Ottawa
Monday April 6: Back to work :(

We're still working out what we're going to be doing on individual days. I'm so excited!!! :D

I had my passport out while I was booking flights and was thinking: I don't really think of myself as a jet setter, but this passport is going to look pretty impressive by the time it expires. In my passport there are 24 pages but 4 of those pages have stuff on them, so only 20 pages are used for travel stamps and whatnot. Of those 20 pages, 6 of them already have something on them (p10: Chinese Visa, p11: Chinese Customs stamp, p12: Chinese Residents Visa, p13:Another Chinese stamp (it's for my exit), p14: US Customs stamp, p21: US Customs stamp). I should be getting at least 2 more pages filled on this vacation, possibly more. I think I'm going to have to do my best to fill this little book up. At least half way (I'm almost there!) but it would be so awesome to have a book where each page is filled (even if it's just a lot of US Customs stamps).
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