Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Ottawa and a Meme

Ok Ottawa, WTF. *Yesterday* was the snow storm. Why is it, I was able to get to work yesterday in 70 minutes but today it took me 2 hours. *And* I left early. I'm so not impressed.

So there's an ottawa_slashers meet up this weekend. Do people on my flist need rides again? I'm already giving seanchaidh a ride, how about matchsticks, diurnal_lee or kronos999?
Warning if you do need a ride, I'm heading over to lilithilien's place afterwards so we can plan our Europe trip, so rides home will either be early (before I go over) or late (after I go over) or arranged some other way, we can talk and figure things out.

And lately, a meme stolen from kaaatie:
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Tags: meme, ottawa slashers
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