Paraka (paraka) wrote,


So, many of you have probably heard the news about LJ's staff cuts already. I don't actually find the news all that panic inducing, but I took the panic as a reminder to back up my LJ (and IJ and some comms) just to make sure I never lose anything. Plus it's fund scrolling through journals in grid mode and randomly reading comments and entries. :P Oh Lindsay, you can be so emo sometimes. *shakes head at self*

Anyway the real reason for this post is to remind my LJ peeps that I'm active over on IJ as well as LJ as paraka. I think it would be awesome if more people from LJ were active over there. The only people on my flist that are cross-posting to both sites are the few QaF people I still have friended. Granted there are a lot of awesome people on my flist over at IJ too *hugs flist* (who may or may not be cross posting, most of the active people on my IJ flist I haven't checked to see if they're over on LJ too).
The comms on IJ are a quieter than comms on LJ, but really, the people are pretty active. I probably interact with my IJ flist just as much or more than I do with my LJ one (and it's a lot smaller than my LJ flist). If you've ever thought about giving IJ a go, I really suggest you do. (Hint for any SGA peeps, I met a lot of my flist through the comm atlantisslash.)
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