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I really like podfics. I listen to them a lot while I'm at work when I'm doing something that doesn't require a lot of concentration. So far I've been pretty lucky, SGA has a *ton* of podfic. SPN and J2 aren't too shabby either. But when you listen to as much podfic as I do, you're constantly looking for more because there's never enough.

So a few weeks ago seanchaidh and others at ottawa_slashers managed to get me into Torchwood. I quite enjoyed the show, it wasn't really what I was expecting, but still really fun. I'm looking forward to the new season. Anyways, since there isn't a ton of podfic out there I'll listen to pretty much any for which I've seen the canon. Enter Torchwood podfics. I might not have ever gotten into Torchwood fandom if it weren't for the podfics, but now I have a bunch of Torchwood fic comms on my flist.

The only thing is, Torchwood and Doctor Who have really entwined canon and it was driving me *nuts* that all this info from Doctor Who kept being mentioned in Torchwood fics and I didn't know what they were talking about. I don't know how people are able to read fic in fandoms they've never seen, or all the SGA people who have never watched SG-1. I was going batty.

Enter Doctor Who. I had tried watching the show before but just couldn't get into it but if I'm going to be in the Torchwood fandom not knowing Doctor Who canon just isn't an option. So I forced my way through the Rose years and was disappointed by the Martha year. I wouldn't say I really hated the show, I just wasn't really enjoying it overly much. If I didn't feel I had to watch the show I probably wouldn't have.

Then Donna showed up and I fell a little in love with her. And suddenly I found myself *liking* season 4. I finally got all caught up on Doctor Who last night and totally had my heart ripped out by the end. I was *crying*. My eyes are still dry and itchy from it. :(

And the thing is, I don't really want to get into the Doctor Who fandom, but god damn it, I need something to *fix* this.

So, I ask you my flist, could you please rec some Donna centric post s4 fics for me. Pretty please?

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