Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Life Catch Up

I keep starting posts, but then get distracted before I'm actually able to post them. Things have just been so crazy, what with the government exploding, and Christmas and family visiting. Anyways.

My little sister came home from university on Thursday. We didn't have anything planned to do that night other than pick her up, but as I was driving home from work, they mentioned on the radio that the Trans Siberian Orchestra was playing that night and they still had tickets available (and only $20!) so my sister and I ended up going to that. It was really cool. I wasn't that impressed by the first half of it, they were doing their Christmas story, but a lot of the music seemed to be missing the power that I associate with TSO, but the second half? Totally kicked ass. They had *fireworks* going off in the stadium, and lasers and colourful fire. It was totally neat. Also, the music really picked up and had the power I associate with them. I'm really glad I went.

My older sister (and her husband) came home, and I got to see Ethan! :D

My older sister decided that she was going to do my hair, so I spent at least half an hour on my knees in the bathroom (I'm taller than Jenn) getting it straightened. Then we went out shopping. I've been wanting a new winter jacket. The one I have now works, but it's quite a few years old, the zipper is ripped and I don't really like the style. I managed to find this really pretty double breasted knee length wool jacket. I've wanted something a little more sophisticated and this totally does the trick. I was a little thrown off by the price ($230!) but it was on sale so I got it for $150. Still expensive but it'll be good to have, especially when I need to dress up. I also bought some cute high heeled winter boots, so I'm feeling very pretty in my winter wear right now. :)

After shopping we rushed home and rushed back out because it was the family Christmas party for my dad's side of the family. It went well, I got Prince Caspian on DVD in the gift exchange. I'm not all that close to this side of my family, and am one of the youngest (unless you count the next generation) so I sometimes feel a little out of place with them, but still. One of my cousins has a little baby girl who just turned 1. We sat her down beside Ethan, who's only 6 months old, and they were the exact same size. Oh poor Ethan, he's already in 12 month clothes. We'll blame his tall Dada.

After the family Christmas party, my dad and I were off to our work party which was also that day. We missed the dinner (we knew we would) but got there just before the dancing started. I'm very impressed, I managed to keep my shoes on for the entire night, last year (which was the last time I had worn those shoes) I didn't make it past the first song :P Geoff, one of the guys in my department, and I spent a good amount of time dancing, which was fun. His wife hurt her back so couldn't dance, and well, I came with my dad, who isn't a big dancer, so it was nice to have someone to dance with. I also love Geoff because he's a sci fi lover like me and we'll often talk about our favourite shows when we have time :)

I slept. Seriously.
I didn't sleep in (had to sneak in a few more snuggles with Ethan before he left) but I slept pretty much the whole afternoon. Which was nice, I'm feeling very refreshed right now. :)

Next weekend
I'm very excited, raxhel is going to be coming down! She has to work on Sunday, so she has to leave Saturday night/very early Sunday morning, but still! A visit! W00t!
It's too bad she couldn't stay Sunday, I'd love to introduce her to the ottawa_slashers, but alas it is not to be.

Speaking of ottawa_slashers I know a lot of you on my flist who go are busers. Is the bus strike going to prevent any of you from going? Do you need a drive? Should we see about maybe changing locations to make it closer to people? I know lilithilien and I would like to try a new restaurant, this might be a good excuse....

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