Paraka (paraka) wrote,

You know, I find it interesting that after this years election, the main reaction I heard from people was what a big waste of time and money. Yet now apparently most of us would rather their be another election instead of trying something new.

I have a lot to say about all this, but every time I try to start I keep making the ideas bigger and bigger until the point where it's too big to actually write out and post. Why can I not be precise? Still, I find it really exciting to be a part of such a historical time in this country. Mostly, I just want Canadians to give this coalition a try.

I'm annoyed that the pro-coalition rally is being held tomorrow at noon, I'm just not going to be able to make it. I soooo want to be able to show up and be a part of this and show my support, but god damn it, I have to work and it's happening too fast for me to make arrangements. The rally is being held on parliament hill if any of my Ottawa friends are interested and able to go. I will be there in spirit. Hopefully there will be another one soon.

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