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Oh Harper, you dickwad, you totally brought this on yourself. I could not believe that he ever thought he could get away with cutting funding to the political parties with no reaction from the opposition.

I can see a lot of ways that this coalition won't work (and god, if they fuck it up, the Conservatives will have pretty much a free ride next election) but I'm so glad that the opposition has stepped up.

Harper has been bullying the house to get his way using confidence motions to tie the hands of the opposition for far too long. It drove me nuts that the opposition wouldn't step up, I was really afraid that they wouldn't step up now because they know no one wants an election right now, but I'm glad they didn't just lie down.

I've hated Harper since he was the Leader of the Opposition against Paul Martin's Liberal government when he spent his entire time actively trying (and talking about nothing else) to "overthrow the government". Harper is an egotistical man who feels that his opinions are that are all the people of Canada, regardless of the fact that he's never won a majority government, and really, the only reason why he remained PM this election was because there wasn't enough trust in Dion. He does not compromise and he does not acknowledge other people's opinions. And I'm glad that the rest of the parties of Canada were willing to compromise to ensure a chance that what Canadians really want gets done.

Dion still needs to prove himself to me, but I'm hoping that Layton and Duceppe will help keep him in line and that the three of them will provide a united enough front to do what's best for Canada and it's people.

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