Paraka (paraka) wrote,

More whining

Aren't you guys getting tired of hearing me complain about my health? Last week it was blistery eyes, this week it's been fever, now, even though my temperature is gone, I'm still coughing up my lungs and to put the cherry on the cake, I got my period. Just what I needed, tears and cramps, to make this whole week complete.

Even though my fever is gone, I went to the Dr.'s today to see if there was anything they could do for the coughing, perhaps change my puffer or up my dose or something, but nothing. She gave me some Dimetapp and a note saying I'm sick for work, but other than that, I'm just supposed to wait it out.

My airways are so dry that they *hurt* right now. I feel so cracked and dry, that I was actually bleeding yesterday (I've never had a nose bleed before in my *life*).

Now I'm super grumpy and depressed. It's *Thanksgiving*, a big weekend for my family, and I'm not even allowed to hold my nephew because I might make him sick. I can't even really hang out with my family comfortably because talking makes me cough, and laughing even more so, and there's always a lot of laughter when my sister's around. So instead I'm huddled up in my room with a humidifier trying not to cry. :( I realize that a large part of this is hormones from having my period, but still it sucks. I'm totally not going to enjoy this long weekend.
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