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The slash is back!
So, yesterday I went out with a friend, completely forgetting that I'd be missing Numb3rs if I went out until it was too late, so I just finished watching it now. It was a good episode, not the most gripping of season openers, but a nice solid episode. I kind of wish there had been more friction when it came to Charlie not having his clearance, but whatever. I don't think I really like the new girl yet but I'm hoping she'll get better. She was a little too in-your-face about being new and I have a feeling that she's going to be the "wait, you think *math* is going to help us?" person for at least the next couple of episodes, and really, I get kind of tired of it.

The scene of this episode that made me happiest was the closing one with Don, Charlie, Amita and Robin sitting around the table. The way Charlie didn't want to go back to working with the FBI because it might make things awkward. Don just giving a little smile and saying do it anyways and he'd take the consequences. How Charlie just kind of fell in line with that. That scene just totally showed all the aspects of how I think of their relationship. Don as the protector who loves his brother but feels a little threatened by him at the same time, and Charlie, whose head is full of math but who always comes down to Earth for his brother, who's always striving to *impress* his brother, and here, in this episode, he was showing the ultimate sacrifice of being willing to leave large portions of his *work* because he thinks it'll make Don happy. It made my little slashy heart sigh with joy :)

I fell in love with this show early on because I *loved* the brothers interactions. Numb3rs was the first fandom I was in where I shipped an incest pairing. I love the two of them, but then as the series progressed it stopped being so much about Don and Charlie as about the whole team and the slashiness stopped between them. I still loved the show; I came to love the whole team, Megan was awesome (and *god* am I going to miss her), David was solid, and after the Chinese spy arc, I fell head over heels for Colby. The stories were still strong and I enjoyed them, even if I felt Don, my love for the show, was being pushed to the side. I still enjoyed the show, but these changes made me fall out of the fandom. I could see the slash potential with other characters, but I think I'm too much of an OTPer to be able to switch pairings easily. I did it in SGA, but it had a ton of fanfic to sway me, Numb3rs is a much smaller fandom.

Back to this episode though, it had a lot of action!Don which makes my heart happy, because I'm *totally* a Don girl. Seeing Edgerton again was awesome, and how he's totally a Charlie fan now. I loved how he called Larry Flinstone :) Larry at the end, saying he's like to see Edgerton get a good shot from behind the dryer cracked me up.

So, in short, the action in this episode was only average, but there were a lot of great character moments.
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