Paraka (paraka) wrote,

*freaks out*

So, I have this thing. I'm kind of twitchy about my eyes. I'm a little surprised I was actually able to get through my eye surgery and the after stuff because I just don't want *anything* near my eyes. That was one of the reasons why I couldn't wear contacts.

So a few days ago I woke up kind of annoyed because it felt like there was an eyelash or something in my right eye. I kept wiping and blinking and eventually it went away. I didn't notice but for the next couple days it kept happening when I woke up so finally on Monday when it happened, I took a look in the mirror instead of just rubbing at it, and I saw that it was something on my eye, it was something wrong with my eye. It was kind of bulging out at the side on the white part. Only on my right eye, and I sleep on that side. By mid morning the bulge was gone but it came back the next morning. I thought something was up and started thinking about seeing a Dr about it and wondered if I should go to my normal Dr. or the eye Dr.. Well, today, a few hours ago I started to get these shooting pains in my eyes. Mostly my right, but a little in my left, and I'm kind of *freaking* the hell out!

It doesn't really hurt that much, but there's just something about your eye that seems so *delicate* like if something goes wrong there, you're fucked. *worries*

I have an appointment with the eye Dr. tomorrow at 12:30. Here's hoping everything is ok. :S
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