Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Vid Rec

So, I used to be hugely into vids. In fact, when I first got into fandom, I was pretty much only into the vidding side, it was months before I read my first fic. But lately it seems I've moved away from vids. I haven't been vidding as much or watching as many.
Now that I'm in a new fandom though, I've been making an effort to at least check out the SPN vids that appear on my flist, and OMG, I just finished watching All Alone by bc_watching and it was *awesome*. It's an AU cross over vid between Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles and Supernatural, where Sam is John's father and Dean plays the part of Derek.

Really well done and the greatest part for me? You can watch the vid, without reading the vidders summary and know what's going on. I hate it when you go and watch an AU vid and have to effing clue what the vidder was going for, but this one is really clear. I really like it. :)
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