Paraka (paraka) wrote,

God, it can't be healthy to read this much metafandom

So. Instead of working on my vid, doing research for my vid, or, you know, packing, I spent the night reading metafandom posts. I'm a little behind, so I'm still reading all the privacy issue ones and haven't hit the Fandom History "Don't feed the trolls" posts or the "FanLib has been shut down, Ha!" posts.

That said, it really makes me curious. What would you do if you were outed in fandom? What would you be afraid of happening if your fandom names and RL names were linked?

Personally, I don't think I'd be *that* worried. For one, I have a really common name. Actually, I have a name that is shared by a well loved character in a show with a nice big fandom out there, so if you google my name, you tend to get hits on him instead. Also, at this point in my career, I think all I'd get would be some mocking from one of the guys at work if people found out. I read fanfic during my lunch at work, I've had coworkers ask me about it, and I've even explained what it is. I told my boss last month that I wanted days off so I could go to a sci fi convention. When I mentioned I thought it might end up being lame (FedCon had a lot of actors from shows I don't watch), she assumed that I was saying that because I was ashamed and encouraged me to be happy about it. I regularly talk to my family about my fannish activities (although I don't think my mom could handle the slash part. She was really uncomfortable when she knew I was watching QaF) and my mom encourages me to vid.

I think my big concerns would be for the future. Currently the only thing that might get me in trouble is the snarry archive I run. I would have no problem telling people that I read slash, but they might not get the appeal of Harry and Snape, with the whole Harry being a kid and Snape as old as his parents parts. I worry a little because being in politics appeals to me and I don't think I'd want my fannish life to be part of a counter campaign if I ever ran for anything. But, well, I'm one of those people who thinks fandom is a way of life, so I think no matter what I do in the future, fandom is going to be a part of it. And I'm not particularly interested in hiding that aspect of my life.

So what about the people on my flist?
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