Paraka (paraka) wrote,


1. Go to your profile and copy your list of friends.
2. Bold those you've met in person.
3. Italicize those you've spoken to on the phone.
4. Underline those you've texted.

And I'm adding a fifth, I'm going to put ** around the people who I've sent or recieved mail from.

aimeelost, ana_grrl, anniegirlsf92, anoel, argosy, *aurora_84*, bbporsc, bitchesofbritin, bliss_, bonniebb, bzzinglikeneon, callie89, canuck_kat, *carr0ts1979*, chaps1870, cpwatcher, diurnal_lee, *edenmalfoy*, edgyauthor, eleveninches, *equusentric*, finmark, geeklite, gerebegilarecs, *guest_age*, hermioneorourke, *its_ktd*, *itsjustkristen*, jayel_fox, johnsheppardluv, *kaaatie*, keewick, kitakatzz, kronos999, *kukalaka*, *laii*, lazy_8s, lemonpiefirefly, linabean, *maekala*, melibabe, *mercury973*, msgordo2, *munchkinofdoom*, *nebulein*, *neur0vanity*, obfreak, oddegg, *oliviazn*, paradise_city, pbanda, pixiesio, *ranksy*, *raxhel*, rhymeswithpants, runonmoonlight, *scatterheart*, seanchaidh, seperis, singlewoman, skoosiepants, *somedayvet*, *stargate_sg1sg1*, sunshineandrage, t_c_a_, tacky_tramp, *tasha_neko*, *teary_eyed2*, terribilita, *the_muppet*, *the_rock_andy*, *trieth*, ubiquitous_girl, valerie_z, *violetjones*, xdigital_kittyx, yaoishonen

So the big winners here are: carr0ts1979 and maekala (well, raxhel, trieth and stargate_sg1sg1 but they're RL people on my journal, so I don't think they count.
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