Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Never Too Late

Dah, I'm fiddling around in Adobe Premiere trying to layer the hell out of my AU vid and I just discovered how to work an effect that would have made *such* a *huge* difference on my Pegasus 101 vid. Such a big difference in fact, that I'm considering redoing the whole thing to work it in. :-/

In humorus non-fandom news, my family came for dinner on Sunday. My American cousins are up visiting so we had a little party. At one point my uncle, who coaches soccer, mentioned that the father of one of the kids he coaches is the personal body guard of Stephen Harper. My aunt, who had met the body guard, was surprised to find that out because he wasn't a very big man and didn't really look all that scary. This led to a really funny conversation about what kind of skills are required to be the body guard for the Prime Minister of Canada and what you have to deal with. Like how you don't really have to be big, if you have a gun but really, this is the PM of Canada, do you even need a gun? In America the secret service are supposed to take a bullet for the President, are the Canadian equivalents required to take a pie for the PM?

All this made me think of the conversations paradise_city and I have had about the differences between American and Canadian politics. Like I highly doubt that you'd just happen to run into the President shopping, but a couple months ago, my uncle was in Chapters looking at books, and actually tripped over Stephen Harper while he was bending down to look at the bottom shelf. :P

Oh Canada.
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