Paraka (paraka) wrote,

The Seed and Twilight

So as a big Carson fan, this episode made me happy :D I loved that Carson was just there, and jumping back into things. And I loved all the little McBeck moments that popped up. Oh Rodney ♥ going and talking to Carson while he was frozen!

Even though I hate the very idea of Rodney/Keller, I must admit, I really liked some of the things we saw/learned about Rodney through the dynamic they were trying to set up. I love how Rodney has become such a brave little toaster!

As for Woolsey, well, I have to say, how John was acting pissed me off more than how Woolsey was. Did they have to keep bring up the "by the book" thing? I know they were trying to set up his character but they pushed it far too far. It drove me more than a little nuts. In other news, I really loved Woolsey's reasons for sending Carson back to Earth. I wasn't expecting them to send him back but I liked that he had a real reason with common sense behind it.

Hmm, I thought I had more to say about the ep but well, I think I waited too long to write this up. Plus others on my flist have already said what I was thinking.

In other news, paradise_city kept making posts about Twilight so I downloaded the audiobook for it, and listened to it last week.

I sent her quite a few emails flailing at how bad the book was. And it was, I spent half the week with my face in my hands over some of the stupid things that were written. That said, I don't think the story line itself was bad. It read to me like a typical romance novel story line actually with the main heroine being flawed but the hero seeming perfect. Dark secrets and danger that keep them apart and just when they get over those problems an outside danger threatens them.

I don't think the storyline is that original and I probably wouldn't have read it on it's own but my god it makes me want to weep with sorrow for the teenage girls out there that are eating this up. I just... the way it's *written*. How Edward can't be mentioned without also mentioning how beautiful he is. The adjectives, oh the adjectives! It feels like the author loves her thesaurus a little too much, because she uses so many flowery descriptors that are technically correct but are really meant to be used that way, so feel awkward. The fact that Bella is a stupid whiney snob but everyone still adores her. The fact that Edward is a moody dick who shows his love in dangerous-we-should-call-the-police-on-this-creep type ways. That Bella is * begging* Edward to kill her.

It makes me sad that this is what teenage girls find romantic.

And, as a random add on, since I fail at SGA canon, has there ever been a scene of the team around a campfire?
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