Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Vidding Meme

1. When did you first start vidding?
October 2004 (but sometimes it seems like it was a lot longer ago).

2. What would you say was your inspiration or motivation to start doing it?
I was introduced to vidding through other people's vids. Vids were the first aspect of fandom I was shown and I totally fell in love with them. When I discovered that I had WMM on my computer, raxhel and I both tried making vids. raxhel just totally threw clips and pictures in and ended up with something ridiculous. I wish I could say I was better but the truth is, I was probably worse, because I *tried* and it still came out horrible. I put vidding to the side for almost a year after that but then trieth dared me to make a vid to "Bang Bang Bang" and, well, I just couldn't resist.

3. What do you or have you vidded?
Most of my vids have been done for Queer as Folk, but I have 2 SGA vids posted at the moment and one RL vid that hasn't been posted to the internet that was a memorial to my grandfather that was played at his wake.

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from for vids? Is it the song? An idea? Someone else?
For me, it generally comes from the song. I'll hear the music and suddenly clips from the show start popping up in my head. That doesn't always work out, sometimes the pictures popping up will be because I've seen a vid by someone else set to that song. Sometimes the lyrics will only work for a very small part of the song. Sometimes I'll write out the vid on paper but never actually get to vidding it. Other times I'll lose inspiration before I finish.
I'll also get inspired by other people's vids but not quite in the same way. I'll see a vid that I really love and will try and work techniques that I enjoyed from that vid into my next vid. Pegasus 101 was an attempt to do that. There were a couple vids and styles that I was pulling on while making that vid.

5. What was your favourite video to make or do?
Hmmm. Wow, in recent memory, probably Pegasus 101 because I was pretty excited about it and paradise_city was a great cheerleader on the side.
In my entire vidding career... I don't actually remember but I'm sure I had a lot of fun/excitement/anxiety over I Just Want and The Otherman. The Otherman was a vid bunny I had had in my head long before I even began vidding, I Just Want I know I was stupidly excited and nervous about since it was my first vid but I can't really remember for sure, since it's been almost 4 years :P

6. What was your least favourite video to make or do?
Wow. I've made a couple vids as gift exchanges and similar and some of those have been really hard. I know that if raxhel hadn't seriously kicked my butt and helped out, Your Winter never would have been done. I know I also had trouble getting Fall to Pieces out, and I'm not very proud of that one, so....

7. Which video are you most proud of?
Hmmm. For a long time the one I was proudest of was The Otherman. Also, my Vance vid, but currently it's probably Pegasus 101.

8. What's the best feedback or comment you've ever gotten?
Probably this comment by aimeelost. I've gotten a few really in depth pieces of feedback, I've gotten feedback saying I've made them cry but I think this one touched me the most. Saying that I was the one that got her interested in vid watching. :)

9. What's your opinion on clip theft?
You know, I don't have a set opinion. I think it's bad if you steal a set of clips, like just grab a section of someone's vid and stick it in your own. But I once had someone ask me if they could take a section of my vid because they didn't have that episode and my vid had the scene they wanted to use. I guess in this day and age if you can't download all the episodes you really shouldn't be making vids. *shrugs* Maybe it's because I don't do a hell of a lot of clean up my source first that makes me scratch my head at clip theft.

10. Favourite genre to vid to (comedy, angst, romance, drama, AU)?
Ha, all my vids are either angsty or comedies. I think I'm happier with the results of my angst vids but comedies are easy and fun to make.

11. Favourite pairing(s)?
To vid? Brian/Justin. I'm not very good at vidding pairings that aren't actually canon and since I'm a slasher it makes it hard to vid my pairings outside of shows like Queer as Folk.

12. What just drives you up the wall when it comes to vidding?
People who feel the need to use every single transition their vidding program offers in a single vid. This is most often a newbie mistake but it's one that makes me grit my teeth and stop the vid. I've only once seen a heart transition used appropriately, please keep in mind that if this is your first vid, you're probably not going to add to that number :-/

13. Is vidding a pastime, hobby or something to help gain experience to do more later in life?
All of the above? I used to be an avid vidder and was more part of the vidding fandom than any TV show specific fandom. I've moved away from that now and am not vidding as much as I would like to be. So maybe it's more of a pass time now than a hobby. But it's also given me RL experience. The video I did for my grandfather is one example. I also edited a movie for work last year.

14. What is your latest project or idea for your next vid if your muse isn't dead?
Well right now I'm about a third of my way through my vidlette for my Big Bang submission. I'm really excited about it, even if I'm doing painful things for it (watching the Baywatch movie? That's an hour and forty minutes of my life I'll never get back :S).

15. Finally, what kind of words of wisdom would you offer someone who wants to vid/is a newbie?
Read some meta if you're really serious about vidding. I know that for me I was able to watch a vid and say which ones I like and which ones I didn't but I wasn't really able to articulate why. I had made 2 or 3 POV vids before I realized what a POV vid was and made mistakes because of it. Knowing the vocabulary and theories behind vidding can really help you avoid some mistakes that are easily made.
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