Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Travel Plans

I just got an email from Vividcon, saying that they reached my spot on the waiting list. It's less than a month away, still I was considering it, only to realize that it takes place the weekend of Ethan's baptism. Since I'm going to be his godmother, I don't think I can skip out on that one.

In other news, I'm going on vacation with raxhel and Kristen. :D
We're going to drive through the Atlantic provinces: Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI. No Newfoundland, which makes me sad, since I've never been, but it's still going to be a blast.

We were originally going to start the vacation on the 17th, but again, that's Ethan's baptism. Instead we're going to do it the next weekend which is just as well because that means it'll end on the Labour Day long weekend and we'll get an extra day out of it :D

Now I'm off to go research some of the areas. :)
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