Paraka (paraka) wrote,

*is tempted*

Man, Amazon is having a one day sale where you can buy Seasons 1-10 of SG-1 on DVD for $116.99. I really, really want to buy them! With shipping and exchange rates, that comes out to like $15 a season. I don't currently own any of them, so it's not like I'll have duplicates if I do buy them. And it'll be a lot easier than borrowing my cousins DVDs for the rewatch I'm doing with maekala and equusentric.

But I just bought S4 of SGA and The Ark of Truth, so I really shouldn't be buying more DVDs right now... I kind of want to throw Continuum in too, but it's not out yet, and I'd end up waiting forever for them to be delivered *looks it up* Actually, I could wait until July....

Gah! This is why I suck at saving money.

I think I might cave and buy them both. :-/ It's the damn shipping, I keep telling myself that the more I buy, the more I save.

The little "If you bought X you might like Y" links are evil. Now I'm looking at Stargate Infinity. Has anyone on my flist seen this series?

Randomly, I was just writing up notes for a contract, and totally put SGC down instead of CSC (Customer Service Centre). I think I'm angsting about these DVDs too much :P
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