Paraka (paraka) wrote,

So, a couple of things.
1. I know this is cutting it close, but mcbeckchallenge is holding a McBeck-a-thon, where you submit a prompt and it's an exchange. I signed up to make a vid. I know that there aren't all that many McBeck fans on my flist, but if you're at all interested, you should really sign up (soon, since tomorrow is the due date). The nice thing about this, is you have a lot of time to finish your work, and it'll help get some more McBeck out there, since that pairing seems to be dying :(

2. This is probably the funniest sum up of season 4 ever :)

3. Not fandom related: I had a dream last night where I was really, really stressed, so just sat down and smoked a couple cigarets.
I've... never smoked anything in my entire life. Why I dreamt about a calming smoke is beyong me. Especially since I have asthma, so I doubt the smoke would be anything resembling calming. Sometimes I just don't know how my brain works.

4. Last night I downloaded a really bad virus on my computer and had to completely reformat my computer. :( It was totally my fault, I really have to stop trying to download cracks and keygens, all the virus' I've ever gotten have been because I try to download keygens and get screwed over.
Luckily I have an external HD box, so I was able to save all my files before I reformatted (it didn't give me the option of reformatting but saving all my files, so I'm really glad I backed it up, I had 124 GBs of stuff here, and only some of it was backed up elsewhere. :S )
Because of this I spent quite a bit of this evening reinstalling all my programs. I may have gone a little overboard with the firefox add ons (although I still wasn't able to find all the ones I used to have. I want my quicktips back! Why can't I find it on the add-on page!).

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