Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Sooo. maekala, equuscentric and I had a great time talking last Thursday for our SG-1 rewatch. Not much SG-1 was actually discussed, but still, it was super fun. :)

One of the topics we wandered to was, the last time we had sex, and somehow, I managed to walk away from that with the order to have sex with a stranger sometime this week, so I'd have a fun story to tell for next weeks discussions. :S

Or, at the very least, come up with a fun *story* of a random sex encounter.

I think I'm going to need help with this one.

In other news, I think I may have to kill my mom. I'm 23, I fucking know how to dress myself. Also, I'm not going to take fashion advice from someone who thinks it's ok to wear white socks with black shoes and pants. God, I need to move out!
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